It’s the time of the year when the bells are ringing and people are carol singing. The festive season is begun and it’s time to say HO! HO! HO! Christmas is here ….. So come join us to cheer!!! This year is all the more special for Brand CAI as we enter two decades of culinary excellence. To make this year all the more memorable, we rewrite the culinary heritage of Hyderabad by attempting for the first time in the history of the World to make the LONGEST COLD MEAT PLATTER. The platter was 30 feet long and 8 feet wide and have meat displayed in the form of classical Pate’s, Terrine, Galantines, Pate en Croute, Roulade, Meat Loaves and all the classical forms of cold cuts presented elegantly with appropriate centre pieces, garnishes, sidings and borders. 100 Chefs, 800 Man Hours, 300 kgs of different Meats, life Size Butter Sculptures, Intricate Vegetable and Fruit Carvings, Presentation in Christmas Themed Décor. The dessert section witnessed the classical Yule log, ,Chocolate sculptures, center pieces, Pastillage and Ginger Bread House, Christmas Pudding with a blend of new Futuristic pastries amidst other yummy offerings which had the classical French and other European desserts served in a very trendy way –individually presented as a present day buffet setting. It was really an event, one would hate to miss and also was witnessed by most of the chefs, chef instructors and culinary professionals of Hyderabad. Butter sculptures, Tallow sculptures, Styrofoam, Pastillage, Ginger Bread, fruit & vegetable carvings showpieces added bliss to the appearance a very special and memorable Gala Buffet . Mr. Gustav Gropp, Principal, Oakridge International School has kindly consented to be the Chief Guest. The event took place in Kohinoor Hall - I at Culinary Academy of India in Begumpet on Wednesday, 23rd December, 2015 from 1PM onwards.


gala buffet
The main entrance to the Grand Christmas Gala Buffet 2015

Guinness record santa Claus

BRAND CAI attempting


Styrofoam Santa Claus
christmas decorations Christmas tree
The Xmas tree glittering with ornaments and gifts The atrium of the college with the Christmas decorations.
 Santa gifts christmas silver bells
Santa Claus with his red velvet bag of gifts The main Entrance of The Gala Buffet-2015
Oakrigde International School newton campus
Chief Guest- Mr GUSTAV J GROPP - Principal of Oakridge International School, Inagurating the Gala Buffet-2015 along with, BOMI H PATEL,COO, Bompat Recruiters Pvt Ltd, Mr AMAR RAO - Diretor, March Consultancy, Ms Kalyani-Trainner,March Consultancy and Chef Akshay Kulkarni-HOD,CAI and other guests.

xmas candles Chef Sudhakar N Rao
The Chief Guest lighting the candles and opening the Gala Buffet at the Academy-2015

Chef Sudhakar N Rao-Director,CAI, lighting the candles
Amar Rao Chef Akshay Kulkarni
Chef Akshay Kulkarni breifing about the Gala Buffet to the Guests

Life sized butter carving Life sized butter scluptures
A life-sized Butter Sclupture

A life-sized Butter Sclupture
European church model Tallow scluptures
European Church model made of Styrofoam A Tallow Sculpture
Butter showpiece Exotic fruits
A butter Sclupture Exotic fruit display
Worlds longest cold meat platter
The 30 feet Long and 8 feet wide - WORLD'S LONGEST COLD MEAT PLATTER
display of cold cuts
Display of Classical Pate's, Terrines, Pate En Croute, Galantines, Roulade, Meat Loaves and Other Classical forms of Cold cuts presented splendidly on the Paltter
best cold meat presentation
christmas gala buffet
The media at the Gala Buffet

Suckling pig Chicken salami
Suckling Pig and Traditional home made pork and cold meats display

A display of Chicken Salami
aspic Tri colored vegetable en aspic
An array of Tri colored vegetable en aspic

A display of Tri colored vegetable en aspic
pate International cheese
Home made Classical Pate's, Terrines and Galantines

An assortment of International Cheeses display
International breads
Assorted display of International Breads,with a Dead dough centerpiece and Ginger Bread train
Display of Assorted classical and traditional X-Mas desserts made by the Pastry and the Confectionery team.
Chocolate sclupture Pastillage showpiece
A Dark and White chocolate Christmas themed showpiece A pastillage show piece
Congratulating bomi h patel talking to media
Bommi H Patel-COO, Bompat Rectuiters Pvt Ltd ,congratulating Chef Sudhakar N Rao on completion of the WORLD'S LONGEST COLD MEAT PLATTER Chef Sudhakar N Rao briefing the Media for the Gala Buffet
guest at the gala buffet merry xmas celebrations
The guests enjoying the Visual feast The guest at the Gala buffet
vegetable carving fruit carving
Team Culinary Academy Of India


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