The annual Gala Buffet approached and as always Culinary Academy of India spear-headed into work in excitement. But this year was very special,this year the academy decided to do the unthinkable and made a WORLD RECORD!! The World's Longest Platter required extensive and detailed planning for over a month covering each aspect in-depth. Students were divided among kitchens and assigned specific tasks. Work started in Kohinoor Hall - 1 to hold the colossal platter. Sheet canvass were put up on walls, a sturdy skeleton frame for the platter was made to support the enormous weight. Chef Sudhakar N Rao then showed the map that was planned for the platter. Involving the student the whole map was then recreated and copied on to the platter's framework. The work at hand was well divided and well coordinated. The continental team started to work on the processing of meat while the pastry and bakery teams started work on the chocolate and bread sculptures respectively. Meanwhile the decorations and Styrofoam sculptures were brought in for decoration and the place started to take form. Well coordinated teams of continental and Garde manger worked day-in and day-out to prepare the huge variety of dishes within due time. Parallely pastillage and Nougatine sculptures were underway by the pastry team. A team was solely dedicated to the decorations of the college from the starts to the veils, the 10 ft tall Christmas tree to Santa's ship. Carpets, pillars, bell and all! Truly making the festival come to life. Even before the event began people could be seen stopping by the road taking pictures. 300 Kgs of various Meats 100 Kgs of Fruits and Vegetables and 75 Kgs of Butter and Cheese was procured and processed in the making of the platter. With a team a hundred dedicated chefs and after 800 man hours of work, CAI family accomplished the unthinkable and set the WORLD RECORD!! The World's Longest Platter. . .another feather in the cap of Culinary Academy of India




CULINARY ACADEMY OF INDIA Affiliated to OsmaniaUniversity
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