For nearly two decades, BRAND CAI has been known for setting milestones in the Culinary world. From the largest pastillage showpiece, to the longest cold meat platter.It is our desire to compete and outperform our own self in every aspect over the years. And with a similar mindset, we set our goal to set up the largest ever display of Most different cakes at a single venue this year at our Gala Buffet for Christmas. To achieve something of such scale, preparations had to begun well in advance. Right from procuring all necessary setup materials to make the display look stunning, to the inventory required for making so many delicious products, a check was required on every aspect to be able to deliver proper results. The Bakery and Pastry department was at the forefront of all activities. There was so much work and everyone was ready to put their heart and souls in achieving the target. The task was huge ,there was hardly any time.They started off with making sponges for the cakes-Various colourful sponges of different flavors like chocolate,orange,Coffee,Vanilla,Lemon,Pistachio and red velvet. The aromas of these freshly baked sponges filled the atmosphere. This was followed by making various garnishes that would adorn all the creations, be it chocolate,meringue,brandy snaps or tulip based. The next day it was baking all the traditional non-icing cakes, such as pound cake, Dundee cakes, Baumkuchen, Bienenstich , Streuselkuchen, Red velvet, marble tea cake and so on. Another mammoth task was the storage of so many products at the desired temperatures. They had to clear many walk in refrigetators to make place for so many cakes.The pies and tarts were also baked in various designer molds and cases so that each one looks unique and monotomy is avoided. The last two days were very busy when they had to layer the cakes batch after batch of various icings such as fresh cream, buttercream and chocolate ganache were being made and used.There was a lot of chaos but everyone was focused and put forward their best performance.The final night was a hicte one as so may cakes had to be finished with garnishes-a lot of imported fruits were got in for the same along with flavoured glazes, exotic nuts and dried fruits. It was indeed a challenge for everyone to balance quantity and quality at the same time. On the other hand ,another team was busy setting up the venue for the display of these indulgent creations. Innolving over 150 hours of hardwork and manpower of a team of 2 chefs and 25 students. We successful in setting a world record of displaying 505 cakes at a single venue,Thus adding another feather in one cap!



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