CAI is a well known pre board Cruise Trainer. After visiting the campus I can say the faculty are all ex crew members and very professional. College is well equipped.................. they doing a great job



Culinary & Dining Carnival Cruiselines Miami, USA

I have been to the Culinary Academy of India where our Brand partners do their Pre Embarkation Trainings before the newly hired crew join the ships.I am associated with Training and Development for over two decades now. Now I understood why CAI is always referred to as BRAND CAI in cruise circle's. I am impressed with the world class infrastructure and also the quality of the training being delivered at CAI.I Wish Chef Sudhakar and his Team all the best.



Strategic Marketing &Communication


I totally loved the presentation.Everything was wonderful.Iam impressed with faculty and facilities.Thank you so much.





I have visited the Culinary Academy Of India as Head of Shipboard, Hotel taining and Corporate-Human Resources, Costa Crociere S.P.A. Its nice to see that so many young Indians are being trained to take up careers with hotel's Cruise Industry .the college is good, well equipped and is run by a professional team of chefs.




As a Founder and Chairman of Our foundation,Youthinc,Our warm and sincere appreciation.We have been Overwhelmed with your visionary results thus far and believe the Academy creates an enormous contribution to both your country and your people.We have been truly inspired .




It was my first visit as a Hotel Fleet Trainer,to Culinary Academy Of India and iam impressed with the quality of education that is being delivered by highly experienced chef instructors.




Over all the level of CAI candidates is far superior. One must read the reviews about CAI home page in Google to know what this academy is all about. I can confirm all information given by different people on net is a reality. A very well run Academy with professionalism, pro-active approach, faculty really takes cares of all the needs of the students. They all are well versed with the Hospitality and Cruise business and are well experienced. I walked all areas of the Academy and can confirm they follow good education practices and have all the tools to train, educate and deliver personnel for all the departments of the Hotel, Hospitality and Cruise industry. It gave me an impression that CAI is the only college/institution which has developed good ship style training facilities/locations that give the crew who joins Costa a good idea of what they can expect on board.


Finance Director ,

Carnival Cruise Lines,Uk

I use to hear a lot about CAI and I always wanted to see it for myself.Today when I went around the academy I really see that the whole place is run by a group of professionals.Culinary Academy of India has shaped career's of many young people and the quality students who pass of this college is of very high.The way CAI is an ideal Cruise Culinary Institute which can churn out ready personnel for cruise operations.Today after seeing the academy I appreciate TEAM CAI's hardwork in bringing up such great institution.



FIR-The Australian Retail College

It was a pleasure to see first hand the great work being done by The Culinary Academy of India. The commitment to providing students with a real- world learning experience and preparation for the hospitality sector is resulting in great outcomes for students and the Industry. The partnerships between the Academy and several cruise lines is recognition of this outstanding approach to industry relevant training and development.


Director Fleet,

Human Resources Management,AIDA Cruises.

The facilities and trainers are good at CAI,specially the way the practicles are being conducted is highly simulated and commendable.


Costa Recruiter,Costa Techinical Instructor

Costa Cruise Lines,Italy.

During my selection process in Culinary Academy Of India,I was recevied well in a traditional indian way by the administration and instructors in the academy.I was touched and was able to witness the day to day lunch service.The staff & students were very hospitable and accommodating.


Australian Global Retail Leadership Mission


Thank you for a most wonderful evening as we experienced both the preparation and feasting of your amazing array of foods. The flavors, textures and aromas were delightful and we all enjoyed our evening very much.


Fleet Training Carnival Corporation,


P&O Cruises and CAI has completed a decade long association and Culinary Academy Of India has came a long way.The Faculty and Infrastructure is world class and I feel that CAI truly deserves the place in top 10 Culinary colleges in the world which was published by 'ASIAN CORRESPONDENT".


Executive chef,

Park Hyatt

Good college with best and latest infrastructure and a team of Professional Chef Instructors.
Its nice to know that CAI is ranked the eighth best culinary schoool in the world by the ASIAN CORRESPONDENT.


Manager Culinary Operations,

Princess Cruises-USA

Iam very happy to see that CAI has developed such High level of cruise simulated infrastructure to train prospective crew members for Cruise Industry.

MR.Grahame Billett

Vp Fleet Personnel,

Princess Cruises

The Infrastructure and facilities at CAI have really impressed me and also the practical sessions being conducted are very good.

MR.Lucio Espon

Sanitation Officer& Trainer.

Ibezo Cruceros

Im highly impressed by the professionalism shown by the students and staff at CAI during my recent visit to the college to conduct the HACCP Training Program.Also the facilities at the campus is of very high quality.Kudos to everyone!.

MR.Nitesh Bansal

Costa Campus Representative.

Being a mobile instructor for Costa Cruises, I have seen many institutes but the dedication, passion and interest shown by CAI team is completely un-matchable.  Real secret of CAI success is their team top from Director and below till Utility staff  everyone dedicated and helpful this shows their passion towards trainings. I had an excellent experience at CAI.

MR.Graeme Cockburn

Corporate chef
The Yachts of Seabourn.

Iam impressed with the high quality standards in terms of trainning and general hygine at Culinary Academy Of India.The Cruise Galley training is the best i have ever seen.

CHEF M.S.Gupta
Vice President Hotels(OD)&Corporate Chef.

I have been only hearing about CAI since its inception in 1996.Chef Sudhakar has really created a world class institute and after seeing it ,Now i can say CAI is really to brand to reckon with in Culinary education.

Chef Shaju Zacharia
Senior General Manager
DLF-Recreational Foundation-LTD

Its Nice To See CAI Is A Brand In CULINARY Industry.Infrastructure, Faculty And Facilities Are Excellent. Keep Up The Good Job.

Chef Soundarajan
Corporate Chef
Club Mahindra
Secretary, Indian Federation Of Culinary Associations

The IFCA board has nominated a junior chef from the Culinary Academy of India to represent India in the Hans Bueschkens World Junior Chef Challenge held by WACS at Dubai as the official nominee of India. My hearty congratulations to Viswamitra and the entire team at CAI for winning a Bronze medal in the competition. On behalf of IFCA and the entire Culinary Fraternity of India .I wish CAI every success in the coming years.

Chef Y B Mathur
Senior Executive Chef


Over the years’ CAI has come a long way, and I am impressed with the state of the art infrastructure specially the A’ la carte kitchen which reminds me of my British Airways days.

westin chef

Chef Rafael Peterkovic
Executive Chef

Westin Hotelas & Resorts Hyderabad


Being the latest hotel in the twin cities we see Culinary Academy as a very encouraging. Culmination of the resources in terms of facility and direction is really commendable.We wish to have a mutual support and contribution between both organizations.Free to let us know if we can be of any assistance to the institute.

Brian Johnson
Director Fleet Training & Employee Relations
Princess Cruise Lines USA

The performance of the students who come from the Culinary Academy of India is summed up in one word “Quality”. Graduates are well prepared for their positions with Princess Cruises and reflect the high standard we require for some one new who’s joining our company. The students are motivated and keen to leave a lasting positive impression. They join us prepared with the required knowledge and skills necessary to grow in their career with Princess Cruises.


Mike Monahan
Corporate Chef
P & O Cruises and Ocean Village
United Kingdom

Ever since my association with the academy viz – 2002 , it is observed that any positive suggestions given for improvement are immediately implemented. The great thing here is that resources available are invested properly and new kitchens , classes and labs are initiated. This is what we are actually looking for in the cruise industry which will help to synergise with the cruise ships. What I like the most in this academy whenever I visit is the enthusiasm and the dedication of both the students and the faculty. They are very passionate and it is very much visible that they love this profession.

Mario Sciacca
Corporate Chef
Costa Campus Asia Representative
Costa Cruise lines, Italy
The learning process in the Hyderabad campus of Costa is unique as it incorporates a lot of simulated training. A simulation of this kind requires an infrastructure which is world class and CAI has been highly instrumental in providing all the infrastructure and training required for the future Costa Chefs. My regular input has furthered the cause to have a better product output.

Paolo Tolle
Head of Costa Preparatory Campus
Costa Cruise Lines , Genova , Italy

Costa Organizational response to the 2007 – 10 scenario came in 2006 with setting up of Costa Preparatory Campus in India. Costa focuses a lot on pre- embarkation training and has 7 partner schools outside world over. CAI being the pioneer in pre – embarkation courses for Galley personnel, Costa has entered into an agreement and recognized CAI as its Costa Preparatory Campus which is third in Asia. CAI is unique when compared to other campuses in Philippines or Indonesia as the focus is to train people with simulation of the shipboard conditions using a dedicated Costa Galley with Costa Menus to the tune of 300 meals per session.


Chef Gill
Director Food, ITC Hotels
President, Indian Federation of Culinary Associations

Over the years the Culinary Academy of India, has grown beyond my expectations and is imparting education on par with leading International Culinary schools. Their recent contribution to culinary fraternity of India by winning a Bronze Medal in the Hans Bueschkens World Junior Chef Challenge held by WACS at Dubai is highly appreciated. On behalf of IFCA ( Indian Federation of Culinary Associations ) I wish them all the success. My best wishes to team  CAI.

Chef Mathew Cropp
Executive Chef
The Oberoi

I have been recruiting graduates from this academy ever since my stint with the Maratha Sheraton, Mumbai, ITC Sonar Bangla, Kolkata and now The Oberoi, Mumbai. It’s been over 5 years now, I have always found the students of this academy very creative and a niche above the rest of the other catering institutes. The curriculum is well designed and very focused on the needs of an exciting, global and expanding hospitality industry. The experience of the chef instructors with backgrounds of International cuisine, service standards and awareness is excellent. The equipment and layout of food service areas is very representative of real food preparation and service establishment.


Prasad Hariharan
Manager – Human Resources
Fleet Maritime Services (India) Pvt Ltd

The success of any institution is largely dependent on its faculty and without any qualms on hard work , high energy levels and a display of passion for excellence. Team CAI has got a dedicated team of faculty who are very focused in their approach towards training young people. The Academy apart from imparting culinary skills inculcate good old fashioned values , which stand by the students in good stead when they join the industry . Their professionalism is evident in the product and it is not surprising that hoteliers and cruise liners prefer to absorb them.

CULINARY ACADEMY OF INDIA Affiliated to OsmaniaUniversity
6-3-1219/6A, Umanagar, Begumpet,
Hyderabad - 16, A.P., India.