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Pastry Live series- live streamed

Culinary Academy of India which is known as Trend setter in Culinary education..has always been looked upon as source of inspiration for many hospitality professionals. To motivate industry professionals in this difficult pandemic time Brand CAI came up with popular live video series of " Molecular Dessert" which included various molecular techniques like antigriddle, smoking, infusion, spheres, Espuma, Gels and use of liquid nitrogen.. Very innovative dessert and new concept food were introduced few to mention are Cryogenic Surprise, Reconstructed Tiramisu, Sousvide cooked flour less pumpkin pie. .


WATCH THE STREAMED VIDEOS OF PASTRY SERIES ON YOUTUBE - Molecular, Sous Vide & Polyscience Setup, - Sous Vide Cooked Flourless Pumpkin Pie, - Reconstructed Tiramisu, - Dehydrated Cabalastic Infusion, - Cryogenic Surprise Infusion

Dehyderated Cabalastic Infusion


Reconstructed Tiramissu

sous vide cooked pumkinpie