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XMAS and New year Cake making and Distributation- 2022

New Year is always welcomed with a lot of positivity, good energy, good vibes, encouragement and enthusiasm.

Brand CAI at the end of Calendar Year, sends cakes and gifts to express our sincere gratitude for all the support given by our education partners, Hotels and well wishers across Hyderabad.

Being considered as top most Culinary Institute in Asia, Brand CAI has been putting a lot of effort to bring Indian Confectionary into Mainstream International Confectionary Art. This time they came up with a very innovative Indo European Gateaux “BARFI MEETHA BOONDI CHARLOTTE”.

Around 800 cakes were made using combination of Boondhi, Kalakand and Saffron Peda weighing each cake around 900g. The cake was elegantly decorated with edible sugar paste flowers, leaves. The cake was accompanied with bottle of wine, candies and seasons greeting letter.