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Mr. Ujjwal Kedia's CEO and Executive Chef of Purenext Solutions Pvt. Ltd and Mr. Rajeshwar Prasad, CEO and Executive Chef, AR Hospitality and Caterin

The fresher’s of the academy were privileged to hear from Mr. Ujjwal Kedia, the dynamic CEO and executive chef of Purenext Solutions Pvt. Ltd. and Mr. Rajeshwar Prasad, CEO and Executive Chef, AR Hospitality and Catering Services both of them an alumni of BRAND CAI on how to  become an Entrepreneur in the Food Industry. With a strong background in Culinary Arts and a wealth of experience both Mr. Kedia's and Mr.Rajeshwar emphasized a lot on many entrepreneurship opportunities in the Culinary and Food Industry. They very well knew that their  audience were just fresher’s entering the culinary arts field and very nicely  illuminated the path to them on different approaches one can adopt in  becoming a successful entrepreneur in the food industry.

They highlighted how their   journey began at Brand CAI and  emphasized how the discipline instilled by the faculty of the college during their time has laid the foundation for their  success. Ujwal said that his transition to working with P&O Cruises-UK, following college placement, was a testament to the importance of a strong foundation that the college gave him. They  adviced the fresher’s  to stay focused from the very beginning which really resonated with the fresher’s very well. They said that setting clear goals and working consistently towards the set goals  is essential for achieving the seemingly impossible in the long run.

Drawing from his role as CEO and executive chef, Mr. Kedia highlighted the entrepreneurial spirit required to succeed in the food industry. While Rajeshwar Prasad speaking about his own  journey said how combining culinary expertise with business development and marketing strategies can lead to innovative and successful ventures. Like his.Mr. Kedia's innovative approach to corporate catering, particularly for high-profile clients like Google, Microsoft, Deloitte, and Accenture, demonstrated his ability to stand out in a competitive market. From menu planning to food presentation, he exemplified the importance of differentiation.

They said a strong educational background, like the one provided by Brand CAI, serves as a platform for future success provided one sets clear goals and remaining focused from the start can lead to remarkable achievements. Culinary expertise combined with business acumen is a powerful combination for entrepreneurs in the food industry. Creative approaches to menu planning and food presentation can set entrepreneurs apart in a crowded market.

Mr. Ujjwal Kedia's and Rajeshwar  Prasad’s inspiring talk left a lasting impression on the freshers, motivating them to cultivate  strong work ethics, focus on their goals, and harness their skills to excel in the competitive food industry. Their  journey from a culinary arts graduates to a successful CEO’s and Executive chef’s  showcased the possibilities that lie aheadin the food industry  for those who are dedicated, innovative, and  self driven