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Chef Sabyasachi Gorai's Mentorship Guest Talk - Pioneering Pathways in Culinary Excellence at Culinary Academy of India.

A beacon in the culinary world, Chef Sabyasachi Gorai, renowned Celebrity Chef and President of the Young Chefs Association of India, graced the students of the first year at BRAND CAI with his wisdom and insights during his visit to Hyderabad. With a remarkable list of achievements and a trailblazing career, Chef Sabyasachi's mentorship left an indelible mark on the budding chefs.

Chef Sabyasachi's consultancy, Fabrica by Chef Saby, has introduced transformative dining experiences across India, including iconic brands like Sodabottle Openerwala, Olive Bistro, The Wine Company, and more.LAAVASH to MERAK CUISINE and BALKAN MUSIC, Chef Sabyasachi's repertoire is a gastronomic atlas, delivering unique culinary journeys to patrons.

Chef Sabyasachi's mentorship extends to educating young chefs, and he plays a pivotal role in prominent Indian Chef Associations, fostering talent and innovation. During his visit to BRAND CAI to recruit passing out students for his various brands  , Chef Sabyasachi took out some from the busy schedule and dedicated his time to mentor the first-year students, sharing his journey and insights into the art of becoming a successful . He encouraged the students to evolve beyond their culinary skills and become leaders who shape the industry's future. He emphasized on the importance of being adaptable, thinking ahead, and embracing both the present and the future. He  highlighted the power of active listening as a tool to understand patrons, colleagues, and the ever-changing culinary landscape.

His insights on building a personal brand resonated, showcasing the fusion of culinary excellence with a strong professional identity. Chef Sabyasachi Gorai's talk ignited a spark of inspiration within the first-year students. His journey from culinary excellence to entrepreneurial success, along with his mentoring, shaped their vision of a dynamic, innovative, and impactful culinary career. His words have not only sparked their imagination but have also infused them with the determination to become culinary leaders who reshape the industry's landscape.

Chef Sabyasachi conducted campus interviews for the graduating class  and elected passionate young budding chefs  to join Red Rhino as Management Trainees.