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Guest Talk on Empowering Women in Hospitality & Addressing Challenges for Budding Chefs

by Ms. Anameeka Sen's , Proprietor of Aanyah Management Consultants

The students of First Year who joined the academy on 1 st Aug 2023 had the privilege of spending some time with a session with Ms. Anameeka Sen, the accomplished proprietor of Aanyah Management Consultants. With an illustrious career spanning more than two and a half decades in Hospitality & Retail, Ms. Sen brought a wealth of experience and insights to the forefront on Women in Hospitality. Drawing from her own journey, Ms. Sen shed light on the evolving landscape for women in the hospitality industry. Ms. Sen's academic journey exemplified how a diverse educational background equips individuals to excel in multifaceted roles.

She emphasized that dedication, skill, and resilience are paramount for breaking gender barriers and thriving in this competitive sector. Her talk extended to the challenges faced by young and aspiring chefs. She spoke candidly about the demanding nature of the industry, stressing the importance of perseverance, adaptability, and constant learning to overcome hurdles.With her academic background as a graduate of Hotel Management, Advanced Business Management studies from IIM Bangalore, and with  association with Harvard University, Ms. Sen Mr. Vishwanath Pandey's CEO, Total Hospitality Guest Talk on "Journey from Chef to Consultant: Discipline, Attitude, and Consistency in the Hospitality Industry".