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Guest Talk by Mr. Srinivas Valluri's ,Corporate Training Manager at Radisson Blu Gachibowli

Mr. Srinivas Valluri's , Corporate Training Manager at Radisson Blu Gachibowli,  HR&Training Professional. Six Sigma-Black Belt, Ex-Marriott, Ex-Starwood.

The students of First Year had the honor of hosting Mr. Srinivas Valluri, the esteemed Corporate Training Manager at Radisson Blu Gachibowli, for a thought-provoking guest talk. With an extensive career in the hotel industry spanning decades, Mr. Valluri brought a wealth of insights into the pivotal role of training in fostering success in Hotel, Hospitality and Culinary Industry.

Mr. Valluri highlighted the foundational significance of training in the hotel industry. He emphasized that training not only imparts necessary skills but also shapes the mindset and work ethics of professionals. He shed light on the pivotal roles played by trainers and mentors in guiding aspiring professionals. He shared how experienced mentors can provide invaluable insights, shaping the path of young talents. An essential theme of Mr. Valluri's talk was the importance of continuous learning. He emphasized that the hospitality industry is ever-evolving, and staying updated with new trends and techniques is crucial for achieving excellence. He emphasized the significance of building a strong foundation in the hospitality field. A solid understanding of the basics forms the bedrock for growth and innovation in one's career.

Mr. Valluri's extensive experience working with renowned brands like Marriott, IHG, and Hyatt in the Gulf illuminated the global nature of the hospitality industry. His journey showcased how dedication and continuous learning can open doors to diverse opportunities.He told the students to take up  training seriously and asked not to see training as  just about skill development, but also about shaping attitudes, values, and professionalism.He suggested to students to seek  guidance from experienced mentors insights which  can significantly contribute to their  growth.

He said Hospitality industry is dynamic and one  needs  to  stay updated and continuously learn to remain competitive.Her stressed a lot on having  Strong fundamentals as this will help to  launch a successful career .Mr. Srinivas Valluri's enlightening talk resonated deeply with the students, leaving them with a clear understanding of the role training plays in shaping their hospitality careers. His emphasis on continuous learning, mentorship, and strong basics provided valuable insights that will undoubtedly guide them on their journey toward becoming successful chefs and professionals in the hospitality industry