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MELA - External Final Exam Theme Set up by BCT&CA 2nd year at BRAND CAI - 2018.

Mela is a Sanskrit Word Meaning Gathering or a Fair. It also popularly refers to shows and exhibitions. It can be theme based promoting a particular culture, art or skill. In Melas food makes an impact on its overall success.

 The theme for the second year Batch B for their final examination of Quantity Food Production was decided as Mela. The team got together to create various different stalls which included games, artifacts and food. Each stall was identically made with an artificial brick wall structure. The walls were colourfully decorated with posters and paints. Apart from the stalls there were other live stations commonly found in melas such as Sugar Candy, Popcorn Station, Ice Gola, Pan Wala, Namkeen Wala, Balloon sellers,etc.The menu included ULLI VADA,MUTHA MASALA,POTALI KURA,KALCINA KODI KURA,SORAKAYA PALA KURA,TOMATO METHIKURA,SAMBHAR,PULIHORA,BAGARAANNAM,MALABAR PARATHA,PHULKA,PAPAD,ASSORTED DESSERTS STATION &BOBATTALU.

 Chef Naveen , Sous Chef, Marriott Hyderabad was the Chief Guest and the examiner. He was very happy to see the enthusiasm displayed by the young budding chefs and immensely liked the menu and the food

Babai Bajjila Bandi

Mangamma Curry Point

Palamuru Ruchulu

Gundamma Mess

Peddamma Rottelu

Andal Mixture Shop

Students preparing food for the Mela theme set up

Student working for roties

Student working on the Vegetable Course

Chef Praveen - Faculty BRAND CAI, helping out for theme Cooking

Some of the dishes prepared by students were: Paratha

Pottel Kura

Kalchina Kodi Kura


Bhagara Annam

Tomato Menthi Kura

Chef Attique - Faculty Demonstrating at the arrangements of Mela Theme

Guests at the Mela Setup

Chef Akshay Kulkarni - HOD, BRAND CAI Overlooking at Mela Theme

Student Making Popcorn

Student Making Ice Gola

Student Preparing Muntha Masala

Students Serving to the Guests

Guests are Helping themselves

To Hype up the theme student is presenting like baloon seller

Students are explaining to Chef Srikanth - Senior Faculty about Mela Theme

The Perfect Ambience of Mela Theme

Students helping to the Guest

The external examiner for this event was Chef Naresh Vadlam-Sous chef,marriott Hyderabad with Chef Praveen - BRAND CAI

Chef Varun - Executive Chef - Novotel,Shamshabad Mr.Amar Rao - Director,March Training and Chef Akshay Kulkarni at Mela Theme Setup