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This 6 tier Wedding Cake was made to celebrate the occasion of a VVIP persons Daughter Wedding. The cake was designed on the lines of edible flowers & intricate royal icing piping techniques giving it a floral theme to indicate the occasion. The base cake was a Rich plum cake layered with maple butter cream & neatly iced with white sugar paste. Each tier was then decorated with a basket of handmade flowers made with gum paste sitting in the center of the cake & royal icing piping on the sides of the cake. Each flower in the basket was individually made & dried in terms of individual petals, leaves giving them proper texture using gum paste tools & colored using air brush machine in order to bring them close to as natural looking as possible. Each petal was assembled together to form a flower & each individual flower then was brought in together to form a basket. The basket had flowers like Roses, Tiger Lily, Arum Lily, wattle etc. As each tier was a decorative cake even the assembling was also a creative thought. Instead of piling up each tier one on top of the other as generally happens, we assembled each tier one next to the other on both sides still connecting with an edible & decorated stair case made of gum paste. Each tier was sitting on a hollow transparent cylindrical pillar with different heights. Only the center cake was having 3 tiers one on top of the other as the others on both the sides were single tier cakes. The cake was a show stopper at the event & was well applauded by the host & the guests as well.