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Brand CAI celebrate the Christmas gala buffet, on Saturday, 22nd December, 2018, from 1pm onwards. With consecutive world records set in the last 3 Christmas celebrations: ‘Longest Cold Meat Platter of the Year - 2015’,’Most Number of Cakes Displayed at a Single Venue - 2016’ and ‘Tallest Cupcake Tree of the World – 2017’ approved by the World Record Academy… Brand CAI attempting a Guinness world record this year, for ‘LARGEST DISPLAY OF BREAD VARIETIES.’

The ensemble will consist of 511 different varieties of breads like whole loaves, hearth loaves, soft rolls, hard rolls, flat breads and different buns, covering all seven continents of the globe. For the display, the different regions covered are: France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Amsterdam from Europe; Thailand, China, Japan, India and Korea from Asia; Mexico, Canada and the United States of America from North America; Peru, Brazil and Uruguay from South America; also different breads from Australia and Antarctica. The Breads are made with basic ingredients like flour, sugar, salt, butter, milk, yeast and water, in unison with over 200 different and unique ingredients like healthy millet flours, saffron, healthy sweeteners like honey and jaggery, fresh fruits, vital seeds and other variables. To commemorate the Christmas spirit, elegant Christmas themed showpieces, made with edible elements like festive ginger bread, dead dough and salt dough, to construct, awe-inspiring structures and ornaments.

Over 100 budding chefs from the Final year, First Year and Craft Course, under the guidance of experienced faculty, trainers and alumni worked on bringing the event together, and produced fresh breads in over 48 working hours rotating in shifts, to give the best quality products in ample numbers. All the breads will be distributed to the underprivileged people of the society. Mr. S. Raja Sadaram, Chief Information Commissioner, Telangana, has kindly consented to be the Chief Guest for the occasion. The whole display is going to be a rustic and contemporary merry event, cherishing the Christmas joy.