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A bit sunny day of a new and final semester where the culinarians set out on a field trip to “Indira Ice Factory”. The budding and aspiring chefs on the final semester take a keen interest towards learning visual and edible sculpture through various mediums. First on the list is the “Ice Sculptures “through the use and display of this art form is slowly dying in the mainstream hospitality industry where these budding chefs take pride in learning its techniques. At the factory the students learnt about the manufacturing of an ice block which is used for the carvings. The ice blocks which are manufactured commercially are made by filling the metal cans with water and then immersed in the tank of salt water/brine solution. Where the water freezes in cans and ice blocks are formed. Later they are removed from the cans by splash of fresh water/room temperature water and demoulded .each ice block weighs around 120 -130 kgs and takes around 48 hours to set.



Ready for the Field Trip

BCT&CA Final year students at the "INDRA ICE FACTORY"

Chef Ravi-Chef Instructor,CAI brefing the students about manufacturing of ice

The team observing the process of Ice making

Amonia Coil cooling system

Tapered rectangular galvanized metal containers cans filled with water are immersed in a tank containing refrigerated sodium chloride brine

A block ice plant requires continuous attention and is labour intensive

Cans are emptied and refilled in sequence

Demoulding of Ice Block

Demoulding of Ice Block

Ice block weight can range from 120 to 130 kgs depending on requirements

Ice blocks ready for Ice sculptures creations

Ice crusher machine processing ice

BCT&CA-Final year Batch A at the Field Trip