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Dear students and aspiring chefs,

Welcome to the world of food. Our world is that of growth, opportunity and excellence. In this world, the Culinary Academy of India is your gateway to enter fully prepped and ready to conquer. Brand CAI is built on innovation, perfection and leadership - and our courses are specifically designed to help you become a leader in the culinary landscape. The modern food industry presents a plethora of career choices, learning curves and individual advancement opportunities. In today’s world, food culture and diet habits are an active part of one’s routine - and society actively partakes in consuming different kinds of foods. For an aspiring chef, this is a great time to start sharpening your knives and getting ready for a global culinary takeover.

Landscape set, the current and projected growth of the food industry is positive - and the craft we teach can be applied across all corners of the globe. Today CAI’s alumni are spread across multiple continents and countries. The food industry is buzzing internationally and careers in this industry are highly stable, rewarding and enterprising. We had a modest beginning in 1996, and we celebrated our silver jubilee year in 2019. From a fledgling institute to one that offers internationally focus programs, we’d love to have you onboard.

Our programs are more focused on hands-on practical skill development, and our staff of renowned chef-instructors are fully capable of ensuring you have the best learning experience. At CAI, not only will you be learning everything about food production, you will also learn leadership, soft skills and grooming etiquettes. We believe in the all round development of our students and at CAI we strongly foster and nature professional values, ethics and discipline.

When you’re studying at the Culinary Academy of India, you will also spend time in industrial kitchens doing apprenticeships. Our combined academic and apprenticeship methodology lets students into the professional food world allowing them to easily integrate themselves in the culinary landscape. We also constantly update our curriculum to ensure our students are fully prepared for the world they are about to enter. Our objective of imparting education is to ensure our students are creatively-enabled and ready to be the next leaders in the culinary world.

At Brand CAI, there are 8 fully-fitted training kitchens - designed to maximize your learning opportunity. We are the only culinary college in India to have exclusive simulated kitchens which include a sugar studio, cruise galley, a molecular food lab and a sous vide setup. Our simulated training kitchen have been our pride and continue to remain excellent since we introduced them over a decade ago.

The Culinary Academy of India also sends its students for culinary competitions and events across the country and internationally. Our students get to experience the spotlight of the food industry, and learn how to apply their skills in a competitive environment. The Culinary Academy of India has also won the most culinary competitions at culinary events in the country, and we believe this is an endorsement of our mission and vision of creating the best chefs in India.

Ever since our inception in 1996, CAI has always nurtured a dream to become a leader in culinary education … a culinary institute that is relevant globally. Today, 25 years in, our dream has become a reality as CAI academicians and students have gained international recognition and accolades for their academic and professional excellence. The path is only forward and upward from here on out.

We hope to see you around! Come visit a class, speak with our current students or alumni and see for yourself why we are the best culinary arts education in India!

A Chef’s Greeting!

Sudhakar N. Rao,
B.A, D.H.M, C.T & A.N, C&C.E
Member of the American Culinary Federation,
Director / Principal
Culinary Academy of India