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Training Kitchens

The Culinary Academy of India has eight sophisticated kitchens, fully-equipped for training aspiring chefs. Each kitchen has a different specialty, and over the academic progression, our students will rotate between them. Our kitchens are planned by professional chefs and are industry standard, creating a mock environment in each setup. In addition, our chefs have designed the space in a way to maximize individual attention to each chef trainee.

The kitchens at the Culinary Academy of India are equipped with the latest gadgets and tools found in the global culinary industry. We are the only college to have a fulfleged sugar and confectionery studio, and our facilities are capable of teaching molecular gastronomy and sous vide styles as well. We are also the only culinary academy in India to have a European Bulk Kitchen where students can learn the art of fine plating in large volumes.

Introduction to Gastronomy

Individual Cruise Galley Kitchen

Ala Carte Kitchen

Cruise Galley

The Indian bounty kitchen.

Bread Art Lab

A Glimpse of Confectionary Arts Lab .

A Well Equipped Larder

Skill's kitchen (Advanced training kitchen)

F & B Restaurant

Brand CAI has a fine dining restaurants where students will learn the basic principles of F & B service and room management. The restaurant has 36-covers, and students will have mock sessions to practice their skills. Speciality equipment, cutlery and knives, restaurant decoration and layout planning, and many more practical sessions will be held here over the course of a student’s academics. The restaurant also has a fully fledged display bar, along with training equipment and different glasses for students to learn and practice their hand at bartending.

The Indian bounty kitchen.

Restaurant dressed for fine dine dinner.

Cruise Training Facilities

The Culinary Academy of India is the official training centre for galley personnel in India. India today is a hotspot for cruise recruitment and CAI plays a critical role in providing employment for students aspiring to be a part of the international cruise line industry. Over our illustrious albeit short history, CAI has proven itself at the global level and emerged as a quality source of providing cruise qualified personnel. This is also in part due to our specialised facilities for training cruise personnel. Owing to this, almost all the Carnival Cruise Brands now use CAI as their authorised training centre for pre-embarkation cruise training.

It’s not just the kitchen, CAI also provides training in almost all departments of hotel and food operations onboard a cruise liner. Till date, CAI has placed 7,500 young Indians on different cruise lines with our certified short term courses. Students who graduate and post graduate from the our course and wish to work on any cruise ships can easily get an opportunity with our placements. We are proud to say that we have a success rate of 95% when it comes to CAI trainees onboarding the ships. And in the short span of 15 years since we started the exclusive pre embarkation courses, our alumni are already occupying top positions onboard the ships.

Students Dinning Hall.

students dinning hall.

Ultra morden Guestroom

Ultra morden Bathroom

New Training Mock Bar

New Training Mock Restaurant

Library & classrooms

At the Culinary Academy of India, we’ve the best resources for our students to learn. Our library & resource centre has some of the most iconic gastronomic books ever published. This reading material combined with the theory lessons equip our students with a detailed understanding of food. Keeping in mind the hi-tech approach in the food service operations, computer applications education is provided to students through the duration of their course. We also have multiple audio-visual classrooms for students to take advantage of during their theory class.

Computer lab.

Audio video class in progress.

Store house of information – ( library)