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Paragon Educational Society is a non-profit organization comprised of leading hoteliers and chefs who have come together with a singular aim - to serve the aspiring culinary minds of India. Registered under the Andhra Pradesh (Telangana Areas) Public Societies Registration Act 1350 Fasli (Act 1 of 1350F), Paragon Educational Society is a young group of industry professionals and businessmen who aim to serve a larger need.

Paragon Education Society has a set mission and vision, and all actions of the society are taken in line with these set goals.

The Mission - Provide world-class culinary education in India, at a cost that is affordable to the general public.

The Vision - Position the brand of ‘Culinary Academy of India’ as a world class training centre in the field of culinary arts.

Building on the mission and vision, Brand CAI and Paragon Educational Society have always strived towards excellence, while keeping in mind the society around them. Fees and academic expenses are carefully considered each year to ensure world-class education is readily available to one and all.

By working towards the mission with the vision in mind, Brand CAI and Paragon Education Society are tasked with creating an awareness for the food service industry in India. Food service in the country is burdened by societal bias which has slowed down the growth of the industry. However, by promoting a world-class culture in this space while also imparting specialized skills in culinary arts, Brand CAI and Paragon Education Society are at the forefront of culinary education in India.

In addition to fostering skills and training at the student level, Paragon Educational Society and Brand CAI also provide opportunities to aspiring culinarians, industry beginners and professional chef’s to help widen their horizons. Sticking to their mission of providing learning opportunities in a professional environment, both Brand CAI and Paragon Educational Society are committed to developing the culinary skills and techniques necessary to give students the confidence and know-how to operate at a world-class level. This competency is developed by emphasising heavily on hands-on practical training and industry mentorship/apprenticeship programs.

The Brand CAI faculty and staff encourage a wholesome development route for each student, allowing each student to maximize their learning. The skilled staff ensure all students contribute creatively to the culinary profession - a trait that has been inherent to Brand CAI since its inception. In addition to the staff and faculty, students also get to meet industry veterans and leaders to learn from their experience. Furthermore, student dignity is enhanced by fostering a mutual respect among student-staff and student-student relationships. These soft skills are necessary for any aspiring chef in the world, and by educating students about individual differences, talents, abilities, skills and teamwork, our students are ready to face the hot flames of the outside world.

Brand CAI and Paragon Education Society are both committed to building and harbouring an ongoing relationship with the national, regional, state and local culinary industry. A key attribute of this challenge is met by providing technically skilled and trained culinary personnel which meet the ongoing industry needs. This philosophy has encouraged only the highest quality of education and knowledge makes it way within the walls of Brand CAI. With a zeal to excel being an active part of both the student and staff life, Brand CAI is always pioneering food technology and food production in India.

If you would like to know more about the academy and the opportunities it offers, spare a few moments and take a look at our uniquely designed programs.

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