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Apart from the holistic culinary courses, Culinary Academy of India also provides specialized courses. These help students take a deep dive into a unique genre of cooking. Tailor-made to suit the needs of foreign and Indian students alike, the institute has attracted hundreds of international students since its inception with these programmes. Most of these students fly in to do specialized courses in Indian cuisine, tandoori, baking, and more.

These specialized courses are short term in nature and also given at one-on-one bases. This individual attention ensured that students hone the skills to the best of their abilities.These individual courses are also a way to upgrade skills in the kitchen. In the culinary business, staying updated and relevant is an essential prerequisite and these these courses help chefs who are not interested in ongoing long term training or want to master a single niche at a time.

A cluttered classroom can dilute the learning process, which is why brand CAI has designed these courses that give exceptional attention to detail. The primary focus of these classes is to strengthen capabilities and not to reap financial benefits.

On the completion of the course, the Culinary Academy of India will award the students with a certificate of completion. This clarification holds prime importance across the globe and will facilitate better job opportunities in the future. A qualification from us has helped many chefs reach their dreams and set higher benchmarks in the culinary industry.

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Chef Syed Abdul Attique

Senior Chef Instructor/Admission Counsellor

Culinary Academy of India, Hyderabad