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MILLET COOK BOOK --The International Year of the Millet 2023

The year 2023 has been declared by the United Nations as the International Year of the Millet, following a proposal by India, which wants to position itself as a global hub for millets. As part of the 9th ICC Chefs Conference Brand CAI the education partners of the event launched a recipe book titled MILLET RECIPE BOOK. The book was co authored by Chef Akshay Kulkarni, Head of the Department and Chef Syed Abdul Attique, Senior Chef Instructor at the academy. The book encourages people to include millets in their daily diet and has easy recipes to follow. A QRcode takes them to you tube to watch the dish being cooked.

Kailash Choudhary Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare – MOS ,with Chef Akshay Kulkarni -HOD ,BRAND CAI and students for -the  International year of Millets 2023 at IFCA-Indian Federation of Culinary Associations

Millet Cook Book --by Chef kshay Kulkarni-Hod and Chef Syed Abdul Attique -Sr Faculty,BRAND CAI