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Chef Altamsh Patel's Insights: Navigating a Chef's Career through Social Media

Chef Altamsh Patel, an accomplished Executive Chef at Hilton Hotel and Resorts, Mumbai, has not only made his mark in the culinary world but also recognizes the power of social media in shaping a successful career. His visit to BRAND CAI Hyderabad sparked valuable discussions with the first-year students about the intersection of a chef's career and social media.Chef Altamsh began his journey at Rizvi College of Hotel Management and Taj SATS under the Taj Group of Hotels, which set the foundation for his illustrious career. Currently heading the culinary team at Hilton Hotel and Resorts, Mumbai, he has built a distinguished career with various reputable hospitality brands.His commitment to culinary excellence has earned him prestigious awards, including the Young Chef of the Year Award in 2018.

Chef Altamsh underscores the significance of a strong online presence. He utilizes platforms to showcase his culinary creations and engage with fellow chefs and food enthusiasts.He encourages chefs to leverage user-generated content, such as guest reviews and photos, to build authenticity and credibility. Being consistent in posting content across platforms is essential to establish a recognizable online identity.Chef Altamsh emphasizes the importance of posting content that inspires and engages the audience's senses. Regularly evaluating the performance of social media posts helps identify what resonates with the audience and refine strategies.

Utilizing personal networks can amplify reach and engagement. He  cautioned against overloading social media with excessive content and hashtags and advised the students  against allowing multiple individuals to manage personal social media accounts to maintain authenticity. The session empowered students with insights into the dos and don'ts of social media for culinary professionals. Students expressed appreciation for learning about the intricacies of online presence in the culinary world. His interaction with the first-year students at BRAND CAI Hyderabad bridged the gap between a chef's career trajectory and the power of social media. His guidance on harnessing the potential of online platforms to showcase culinary expertise while adhering to best practices resonated deeply with the students, equipping them for a dynamic and impactful culinary journey in the digital age.