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South India Culinary Association-Pastry Art and Hot Plate Presentation workshop held at Hotel MariGold by Greenpark on August 10, 2023

South India Culinary Association-Pastry Art and Hot Plate Presentation workshop held at Hotel MariGold by Greenpark on August 10, 2023, was a significant event in the culinary world. The workshop had several prominent figures from the culinary industry in attendance, and it was aimed at preparing young culinary professionals to participate in the First World Associations of Chefs Society  endorsed Culinary Competition to be held in Chennai next month.

The workshop was hosted at Hotel MariGold by Greenpark, and the venue was sponsored by Marigold by Green Park Hotels. Mr. Mohan Krishna, President of Marigold by Green Park Hotels and Mr. Rajesh Gopalakrishnan, AVP Operations of Hotel Marigold was kind enough to support the event whole heartedly by providing the best of the facilities .  

The event started with a prayer song performed by a final year student from the Culinary Academy of India, followed by the traditional lighting of the lamp.The lighting of the lamp ceremony was attended by several renowned personalities from the culinary field like  Chef Damodaran K (President of SICA and celebrity chef), Chef Sheetaram Prasad (Corporate Chef, GRT Hotels), Mr. Rohan George Itticheria (Deputy General Manager Operations, Hotel Green Park), Chef Akshay Kulkarni (Head of the Department, Brand CAI), Chef Sujith Srimal, Chef Nuwan Harsha from Sri Lanka, and Chef Dimuthu Kumarasinghe (AVP with Aitken Spence Group of Hotels).

The workshop was divided into two parts: the first half focused on Hot Kitchen Presentation, while the second half was dedicated to Pastry Art. The workshop had a diverse representation of both senior and junior professionals from the culinary industry, as well as students from various Catering and Culinary Arts Institutes.

Chef Dimuthu Kumarasinghe, who holds several culinary achievements including winning 5 Individual Gold Medals in Culinary Olympics in Germany and creating the World’s Most Expensive Edible Cake, was the main Chef Lead for conducting this workshop. The goal of the workshop was to prepare and educate young culinary professionals to compete at the international level, specifically in the First WACS endorsed Culinary Competition in Chennai.Brand CAI (Culinary Academy of India) played a significant role in supporting the workshop. They have a history of supporting the culinary fraternity and, in this instance, they supported SICA to ensure that the event could educate and prepare young professionals for international competition.  The workshop provided a valuable opportunity for participants to interact, network, and collaborate with international chefs, fostering a great learning experience for all enthusiastic participants.

Overall, the workshop was a platform for culinary enthusiasts to learn from renowned chefs, hone their skills, and prepare for the upcoming international culinary competition. The involvement of notable personalities and the support from organizations like Brand CAI and Hotel MariGold by Greenpark contributed to the success and educational value of the event.